Millenium Travels from the Netherlands at 3 Sisters and EWN!

Right after the 4-week training a few of EWN’s and 3Sisters’ trainees and guides had been selected to participate in a Cultural Exchange Program with a team from  Netherlands, organized by Angélique Hornstra, the Program Director of Millenium Travels.

The Millenium Travels program consisted of many different workshops and activities which the Dutch participants had organized.

The incentive was to understand each other’s culture and the differences between cultures in general and to have a very versatile exchange.

The activities ranged from making music together to building incredibly high towers with marshmellows and toothpicks and everybody had a lot of fun.

On Friday, the girls from EWN and 3Sisters gave a great performance in a play about an arranged marriage and all the difficulties that come with it.

To put their newly learned skills to the test, the Millenium group and the girls went on a 4-day trek together.

Everybody had a great time and benefitted immensely from this exchange-program and we would like to thank Angélique and Millenium Travels  very much for organizing it, as well as Marleen and Barrie for helping out with the organization at EWN.

Watch our video to see what they’ve been doing: